Hotels & Beach Resorts

How often do you get a free pass to just sit under the sun and enjoy some guilt-free pampering? Not as often as you’d want to, so why compromise on that while on vacation. Sit in your room and make the most of room service, or waltz around in your robe all day while sipping on a mimosa while feasting on the beautiful view of the sparkling blue water or the beach bums enjoying a sporty game of volley ball, whatever pleases you. No holiday is complete without the luxury of a spa or the satisfaction of the freedom of a late night swim without the worry of a deadline of presentation hanging over your head.

We have put together the best of hotels and resorts for you to have the break that is long overdue. Complete with rustic and unique interiors with the best of amenities offered, these hotels and resorts are the gifts that keep on giving.  Fully functional restaurants with lip-smacking cuisines with a promise of keeping you stuffed at all times. A multipurpose gym and sauna to work off all the delicious food that probably still hasn’t left your mind. Several outdoor activities to keep you occupied through the day, along with live shows in the night to keep the mood light and fun while you continue to try every variety of cocktail present on the menu (it’s a vacation, you don’t need an excuse).

No need to worry, you won’t be kept trapped within the gates of these massive properties, even though you would enjoy every minute of it. All our properties our close to the famous Port Lucaya, making other popular tourist attractions perfectly accessible. The friendly hotel staff would be more than willing to provide you a ride to any of these places, or even guide you to all the tourist hotspots in and around town.

While you’re exploring the islands, be sure you try the various adventure sports offered by the resorts. Being an island, water sports are all the rage in every part of town. So whether it is snorkeling that attracts you or a swim with the dolphins, make sure you don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime experience.

Try us, this will be a trip you will not forget.