Exploring Freeport

Plan that perfect vacation at Freeport & explore the best city on Grand Bahama’s


Freeport is the biggest city on the island of Grand Bahama’s, especially famous for its beautiful oceanfront Lucaya district. Scenic beaches, shopping centres, nightclubs and fancy restaurants- the city of Freeport is one of the most popular beach destinations for seasonal tourists. There could be endless fun activities that you can opt for in the Bahamas, but without visiting the magnificent town of Freeport, your perfect vacation planning is bound to remain incomplete. The city offers a number of thrilling amusement opportunities for all age groups alike. Deadman’s Reef, for example, is extremely popular as a snorkelling site, while the crystal blue offshore waters are hotspots for divers. Up along the coast, the Lucayan National Park features marvellous underwater caves, alongside providing ample scope for kayaking and nature trails.

Sea View

Complete that perfect vacation planning and make the most of your holiday by opting from a fun bunch of Freeport activities: soak in the clear sunshine or go beach hunting; shop from upscale, branded stores or party hard at one of the coolest nightclubs in the town. Coming with a never-ending stream of entertainments and wonderful spots for sight-seeing, Freeport will never fail to steal your attention with its bountiful nature and tropical charm.

Start your day with a hearty breakfast at the beautiful Fortune beach. Located in the interiors of the shore path, this spot is perfect for those looking for both quality Bahamian cuisine and a break from the crowd. Relish delicious, authentic Bahamian food at one of the snug, sea-facing restaurants at this beach. For those looking for a quiet, peaceful lunch date- the Garden of the Groves, situated inside a deep, orchard-like tropical setting, couldn’t possibly be any more idyllic. Dig into spicy salads and sandwiches, as soothing Bahamian music plays in the background. Go for a romantic dinner date at one of the oceanfront restaurants and ignite your taste buds as you bite into fiery cracked conch shell dishes.

If you are interested in exploring the local culture, visit the vibrant, bustling port Lucaya marketplace. The best time to check out this fantastic, colourful cluster of small huts is in the evening, once the local bars and nightclubs open up and entertainers come out to perform in the open square. Shop from one of the cosy-looking shanty huts and interact with locals. Sip on fruity rum drinks and enjoy the local Bahamian nightlife in this lively local port town.

Freeport is famous for its lush tropical greenery and underwater caves. Among top things to do in the Bahamas is a trip to the Lucayan national park. The 40-acre park is home to thousands of pines, mangroves, and ferns, as well as dozens of amazing flower species, including exotic, fragrant orchids. The Gold Rock Beach here serves as a perfect spot for those looking to indulge in a romantic sunset stroll.

If you are here in a group or with your family, go for a fun day at the beach with horseback rides and a sumptuous picnic by the shore. Water sports and paddle boating are some of the most popular Freeport activities to opt for. The adventurous ones can choose scuba-diving and check out the exquisite underwater marine life and historic shipwrecks. Once you are done for the day, grab a few bottles of local beer and unwind on the beach with your dear ones. Arrange a barbeque and gift yourself a lovely dinner by the sea followed by a magical bonfire night interspersed with calm waves and fresh ocean breeze.