Leave work stress behind and rejuvenate yourself in the beautiful Bahamas. Surrounded by cool blue ocean and fragrant breeze, a cruise in the Bahamas will refresh you to the core. There are unlimited food and a whole gamut of recreational activities to choose from, including the widely famed ‘Bahama Mamas’.

Our cruise timings are flexible and we provide rides every day of the week. You can opt for a perfect fun-filled getaway any day and bask in the merriment of the Bahamian vibe. Our ship leaves after 6:00 in the evening which will give you and your loved ones the opportunity of a splendid dinner on the boat and an amazing joy-filled night with numerous entertaining activities to opt from. One more important part of the shipping schedule is that you will arrive at your destination by 7:00 AM! This will give you enough time to explore around, check out local spots of interest and also catch an early flight back home.

The MV Grand Celebration will bring to you an experience that you can cherish all your life. With grand live music and frolic entertainment, there is no time to waste once you are on the ship. Cosy and luxurious at the same time, the cruise ship is capable of accommodating up to 1,200 passengers at a time. With seven passengers’ decks on board, there are always numerous nooks and corners to explore, marvellous sea views to relish and plenty of fun to be had with your dear ones.

Entertainment and Activities

The MV Grand Celebration comes packed with a whole series of delicate luxuries. Gourmet food, refreshing spas and endless entertainment services will ensure you never have a dull moment on the ship. Our pool deck offers tourists a plush, glamorous experience with two separate pools and fancy Jacuzzis to accommodate swimmers.
Dig into the absolutely delectable food our chefs offer while opting for either a five-star dining option or a full-on, grand buffet. The gorgeous spa and wellness centre will present you with soothing amenities like thermal massages, manicures/pedicures, and many other posh beauty services.

What’s there for the children? Our ship includes an exclusive ‘kids-only’ club zone where the little ones can spend a fabulous time enjoying a whole plethora of games and activities. Be it gaming consoles or arcade activities, MV Grand comes equipped with numbers of lively activities that will keep your kids entertained.
Our ship has onboard numerous clubs and lounges with live music, karaoke and other forms of quality music. We ensure featuring a variety of new entertainments by fresh performers on our shows regularly, so the tourists never get tired of the same shows being repeated over and over again. If you’re game to come up with your own kind of entertainment or have an adventurous streak in you, make sure to visit our luxurious on-ship casino. Enjoy quality gambling and thrilling sessions of blackjack or roulette at our casino that features multiple table games and slot machines.
The amenities and activities aboard the ship include:

Booking a trip to the Bahama’s

Booking your idyllic Bahamas getaway is now easy and hassle-free. Travellers can opt for a package of two, four or six nights, as per their preference. Your Brooksdale Travel agent will help you pick the perfect, affordable beach retreats that come under your budget. This will also combine all-inclusive resort options that you can choose from.

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