Unknown Facts about the Bahama’s

Surrounded by clear, turquoise waters on three sides, the islands of the Bahama’s provide several activities for you to engage in, whether alone or in a group. Hop on a banana boat and go about exploring the islands’ astonishing marine life or choose snorkelling and dive into the sea to amuse yourself with the brilliantly colourful coral reefs and thousands of beautiful species of fishes.

Before you set out on that dream vacation to the beach-side paradise, here are a few facts about the city that you probably didn’t know:

The secret of the pretty pink sand beach:

The marvellous pink sand beach of Harbor Island is a spectacle of wonder and amusement. The location is extremely popular among honeymooners or those looking for a romantic getaway. Scores of tourists come here every year to sunbathe in the blush-coloured sea beach under swaying palm groves. The extraordinary light pink tint of the sand actually comes from a microscopic sea animal named Foraminifera that has bright red and pink coloured outer shells. The beach looks especially stunning when it’s wet as the rosy hue glistens beautifully in the light.

The adorable Swimming Pigs:

If you have planned your stay in the Nassau or the Exumas, be prepared to catch glimpses of the cute, fluffy pigs that are hooked on swimming! These adorable pigs are one of the best offerings of the Bahama’s that you absolutely can’t afford to miss out on. The clear and pristine Exuma beach is also known as the Pig beach and is totally uninhabited by humans. A day at this beach will include swimming with these lovely little pigs and snorkelling in the famous Thunderball grotto where multiple James Bond movies were shot.

Dean’s blue hole:

The second deepest blue hole in the world, this 100 meters wide exceptional blue hole reaches a depth of whopping 92 meters. This majestic under ocean sinkhole invites numbers of sea-divers and water sports champions of the world every year. The ocean water here is unnaturally calm and lucid. The bottom of the sinkhole is still largely a mystery. The numerous side passages, many of which remain unexplored till day due to the great depth- is the stuff fascinating urban legends are made of!

Underwater Cave System:

The longest known underwater cave system is located in Lucayan National Park on Bahama’s island. Plunge beneath the surface to explore a mysterious, cavernous world that’s one of the biggest and among the most environmentally distinct. The cave system is accessible from both land and sea, with permission to dive required in some areas.

Once the Haven for Pirates:

The shallow, lucid waters of the Bahama’s once acted as the perfect hub for seasoned pirates to attract and lure heavily loaded merchant ships to the reef, only to later loot the resources and kill the sailors. Many wreckages of destroyed ships can be found here even today which speaks of their cursed history.

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