Top 10 Must Visit Places in The Bahama’s

With an eclectic mix of beautiful white sandy beaches, blue seas and a year-round warm weather, the Bahamas is the quintessential relaxing Caribbean vacation. Nassau, meanwhile, is riddled with colonial history which is balanced by infinite scuba opportunities and hiking trails.

With so much diversity around, we have jotted down 10 such affordable trip plans to the Bahamas for you:

1. Bask under the Bahamian sun at Pink Sands Beach:

Away from the booming resorts and flashy casinos of Nassau, this stretch of pale pink beach offers a true Caribbean experience. It can be found on the east coast of Harbor Island, just a short jaunt north of Dunmore Town. The rosy hues perfectly matched with palm-topped umbrellas and sunbeds just for you to unwind a little.

2. Delve deep into the Lucayan National Park:

This 40-acre national park is one of the Bahamas’ finest treasures. The underwater cave systems here are considered to be the largest and longest on the planet. Mangrove swamps spill out onto the secluded Gold Rock Beach, definitely worth a halt if you’re out this way. You’re likely to come across more racoons and seabirds than people, but watch your food near the beach – the racoons are barefaced (but harmless) scroungers.

3. Shop till you drop at the Port Lucaya Marketplace:

This open-air shopping hub reflects the colourful Bahamian traditions with over eighty boutiques, restaurants and bars. All you eager buyers, take a walk around the brightly painted huts and walkways lined with bougainvillea. Hang around until its dark for some of the upbeat DJ shows and karaoke parties in the town!

4. Pretty Eleuthera is a paradise to behold:

If you’re looking for a slow-paced trip, away from the common din of the city, then Eleuthera could be the best possible option for you. If you happen to be a wave seeker, then this is a perfect spot for all you surfers. With oodles of clefts to explore, Eleuthera remains to be one of the real natural jewels in The Bahamas.

5. Visit Fort Charlotte for a slice of history:

Despite Nassau being a commercial hub, be sure to give a visit to one of the forts of Nassau- Fort Charlotte which is considered to be the largest of the three forts on this island. Built in 1789, this military compound highlights a waterless moat, drawbridge, ramparts and a spectacular view of the harbour. If history intrigues you, then this place is worth a visit.

6. Swimming with pigs in the Bahama’s!!!

Ever thought of waking up from a daydream by some loud, snorting pigs paddling towards you like a jolly bunch? So as your boat approaches towards Big Major Cay, you’d realize you’re actually surrounded by its native islanders, the swimming pigs. Try getting here early in the morning for the most undivided attention from them because they are most likely to lounge in the sand by the day.

7. You won’t run out of options when in Stocking Island!

Conspicuously different to many other picturesque islets in the Bahamian archipelago, this land of soaring cliffs and rugged boulders is a great place to stroll around for a coastal hike or hilltop walk. Go sailing to discover the unmatched scenic beauty of the pristine bay or do some chit-chat in an eatery on the west coast, Stocking Island will not disappoint you!

8. Diving in Andros:

We are well aware that there’s no scarcity of places for dive spots in and around this islet but there’s arguably no better place than large Andros to indulge yourself in a whole new experience amidst the array of marine life. From submerged shipwrecks to underwater blue holes- Andros has it all!

9. Explore a cavernous world at the Dean’s Blue Hole:

If cave diving occupies a major part of your interest, then this is the pace for you to be. This idyllic abyss is wrapped with mystery and myth. Dive beneath the surface to explore the hidden charm of the blue hole.

10. Celebrate the history of pirates:

Documenting the age-old history of the pirates that appeals to many children as well as adults, is quite a touristy thing when in the Bahamas. Well located in the heart of Olde Towne, Nassau, this Pirate Museum has a lot of interesting tales to tell.

We hope our travelling tips to the Bahamas will help you make the most of your vacation.

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