Tips for an Adventurous Bahama’s Vacation

Have you gotten a case of vacations? Your thoughts are consumed with daydreaming, impatiently waiting, and slow torture as the days crawl toward your vacation date. Ok, this may not be an actual diagnosis but there are plenty of very real treatment options available. The easiest way to treat these agonizing symptoms is to start planning your adventure packed Bahama’s vacation NOW!

Here are 5 tips for exploring the island for the brave, fearless and venturesome.


Did you know the longest surf ride recorded was in 2011 at 3hr and 55mins! Create your own record on the crystal blue waters in Freeport. Get the lessons and gear you need to become a totally awesome surfer dude. There are many beaches to enjoy waves that range from beginner to advanced surfers.

Snorkelling/Scuba Diving

There are over 6 million active scuba divers worldwide, and here’s your chance to add to the growing list. Explore the beautiful island waters that include a breathtaking scenic route of the underwater creatures. Explore colourful coves home to bright corals and brighter fish. Snorkelling and scuba diving is a great way to meet this underwater world with minimal training and skills.

Hiking/Exploring Caves

The Bahama’s is home to 6 ecosystems that are available for hiking and exploration, including the most Blue Holes, and deepest in the world. The Inland Blue Hole Adventure is both on land and sea, but the adventure begins with Owl’s Hole where you descend 30 feet by ladder into the hole. If that’s not adventurous enough, the journey isn’t over until you snorkel and dive even deeper into the dark, cavernous Blue Hole.


Kayak through one of the largest creek systems in the private city of Freeport, Grand Bahama at Dover Sound. If it’s adventure you seek, kayaking is the root of exploration. The term kayak means hunters boat, originally made for hunting. The kayak is very quiet which allows you to sneak into nature to see the Reddish Egrets Night Herons and Yellow Warblers of the open canopy. For shallower waters, keep an eye out for crabs, snappers, puffer fish and sponges.

Lucayan National Park Nature Walk

The Bahama is home to one of the biggest destinations on the island the Lucayan National Park. The park is home to 6 ecosystems, 2 caves and 42 acres of land. The park will be your go-to for entertainment everyone can enjoy including diving, walking/hiking, swimming and even sunbathing. The adventure starts with a dive, a walking into ecosystems and their history, then finished on Gold Rock Beach. Let Harmony Beaches be your guide and together we will create a vacation of a lifetime.

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