The right way to enjoy a Summer Trip to the Bahama’s:

The Bahama’s is a dream destination for vacations, whether it is a solo trip you seek to meet some attractive chicas, a family trip or just some fun in the sun with your friends, it has always been a sought after location for the most eventful beach parties and the, of course, famous Bahamas Mamas. Apart from the obvious things to enjoy on the islands, make sure you find some time to actually take in the fresh exotic breeze, to lay on the hot yet soothing sand and try every cocktail the bartender serves, because you’re on vacation and you know the saying, “When in Rome, Do like the Romans do!!”

In case you forget we’ve made you a checklist to make sure you do the summer right.

Get wet:

You are in one of the most beautiful islands in the world that is home to over 700 beaches. Sure the AC in the hotel is nice and the bed cosy, but get out a little, get a surfboard, rip those waves. Can’t surf? No problem! There are guides and coaches present at every beach to help you through the basic. If you still aren’t up for it, just put on your swimsuit and step in the blue waters, cold water in the hot sun is the best feeling ever. Don’t forget the sunscreen while you’re at it, the sun can be divine and brutal at the same time.

Try Something New:

You’re in a new place, experiment a little. Whether it is with a cocktail or dish, don’t hold back. The Bahama’s is known for its popular conch dishes, now we know what you’re thinking, who eats a shell? You don’t know it yet, but once you taste you’re going to keep coming back for more. A more favourable new activity to try is swimming with the Dolphins, the happiest creatures in the world. Apart from these, you’ll find several other new things to indulge, just make sure you are open to it.


Summer brings out all the Chefs who want to host BBQ parties and cookouts. It is the best time to meet interesting new people and have the time of a lifetime. You are bound to invited for at least one BBQ party while you’re at the Bahamas, especially if you’re there during the 4th of July weekend because if you are, you’re in for a treat.

So now you know, if you’re in the Bahama’s, and the sun is out (which is always) just let loose and take in all that the exotic paradise offers.


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