A Guide to the Caribbean’s Moody Weather

The Bahama’s Islands are well accustomed to receiving an ample amount of tourists all through the year, with the number peaking during the summer and spring breaks. However, while the whole of United States prepares for summer, the Caribbean braces itself for the upcoming hurricane season, that lasts all the way from July till November. Although there is no need to panic, it is better to be aware of all that comes with this torrential weather. We’ve put together a list of facts that you should know if you have an upcoming trip to the exotic paradise.

Cruises are 100% safe:

All cruise ships have special technology that detects any storm on their way to islands. The captain can not only reroute the ship to a safer path but also outrun the hurricane. A storm tends to move at a speed of 8-10 knots while the ships can travel up to a speed of 22 knots and beyond, making it a safe means of transport.

In case of a major weather change, your itinerary will be altered:

In most cases, the ship will be rerouted. However, if the seas get too rough your cruise may be cut short or extended. The captain may choose to stop at a closer port till the storm calms or return the starting port to avoid any mishaps.

You will be compensated if your trip is altered:

You are entitled to a refund for the number of ports skipped if your itinerary is discontinued. But if the number of ports is replaced with other ports, no compensation will be given.

Your insurance stands only in a case of unforeseen events:

It is advisable to opt for insurance the day you book your tour. If you get your insurance in light of a negative weather forecast, you will not be entitled to any compensation if the weather affects your trip.

Tip: Standard cruise line policy does not permit passengers to cancel their cruise. Therefore it is better to be well informed about the condition of the seas before you confirm your bookings.

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