Game-Changing Beauty Essentials For Your Holiday Travels

It’s very natural that you’ll inevitably forget a handful of items when you pack for any type of trip. So you can consider this as your friendly reminder before you dump your shoes and clothes into your trolleys. Your hotel may have a hair dryer but it surely won’t have the cleanser you use. Check out the list of beauty hacks while travelling below:


Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you should skimp on your skin-care routine, in fact, you should probably take care of your skin even more. Get hold of a travel-size bottle and bring along some cotton rounds.


You might go bonkers when it comes to packing makeups. But, pack the items you know you’ll use for sure. You may carry that extra shade of lipstick though. Put the beauty products in a cosmetic bag that’s travel-friendly.

Hair Care

Hotels provide shampoo and conditioner, yes! But it’s recommended use whatever shampoo you usually use. Buy a travel size bottle that will take up less space and weigh less.

Moisturising Face Mask

Travelling is hectic and we all agree to that. And you’d also want to look fresh alongside. So, it’s good if you carry a few strips of hydrating face masks that are easy to use.

Argan Oil

It’s 100% organic and absorbs really quickly. It works as an all-rounder- use it on scars, cuts, itchy skin or use it as a moisturizer and serum. This is surely a must-have!

Facial Sunscreen

Considered to be one of the most essential beauty products, don’t leave home without it! Just be sure to cover every inch of your face before you head out anywhere.

Nailcare and Hand Cream

Nails. Sigh. You don’t have to be fussy about having a manicured hand. Just carry nail clippers and a nail file to keep them in shape. Anything will do as long as you can cram them into your beauty kit. And for hand cream, use Nivea, it’s thick and great when you’re travelling.


Another obvious essential. You really can’t leave it behind. Grab your favourite (in the smallest packaging) before you head out.

So, there you have it, a comprehensive list of travel beauty essentials. Hope this helps!

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