Follow these Simple Tips to ward off Seasickness on your Dream Cruise

Looking for the ultimate cruise adventure on the high seas in the Caribbean? Sailing through the magnificent waters of the Caribbean ocean is in the bucket-list of thousands of travellers. Grand, multi-decked ships with unlimited luxury and unmatchable grandiose is sure to swoon you over with its majesty. But what ideally should be a perfect family getaway could easily turn into an upsetting ordeal if you are prone to seasickness. Days of being afloat on a cruise ship and the constant rhythm of waves underneath sometimes knock out even the most seasoned tourist. To make sure your dream cruise is not spoiled by bouts of nagging motion sickness- follow these simple hacks that will make life at sea much easier for you.

Choose a Large Ship:

When it comes to managing seasickness, the larger the size of the ship, the better. Larger vessels are better equipped and the varying motion is felt with lesser intensity on these. Pick a comparatively new vessel that has stabilizers to control the ‘rolls’ of the ship. Getting the lesser feel of the rolling motion will ensure you don’t toss your cookies all over the deck or spend your holiday lying in bed.

Pick the Right Cabin:

Even though it’s a given that you are unlikely to spend much time hovelled in your cabin while on a cruise, it’s important to choose the proper cabin- especially if you are worried about motion sickness. Opt for an outside cabin that has an attached balcony or some sort of open space, or go for a cabin that’s situated in the centre of the vessel, so you feel the least of the ship’s rolls. Keeping your gaze fixed at the horizon will help your body stabilize faster and easier with the new equilibrium.

Don’t Overeat or indulge in too much Alcohol:

Certain foods are known to be tough on your tummy and consuming large portions of rich, spicy meals or munching on too much junk food will lead to an upset stomach. For the first few days, give your body a breather and eat less, eat healthier food like salads or smoothies. Alcohol is famous for impairing balance and hence increasing seasickness to a great extent. Steer clear of booze for the initial days until your body adapts to the new atmosphere.

Prep your body right at the Beginning:

The first few hours you spent on the ship is of paramount importance. How you spend these hours will determine how fast and how effectively you overcome seasickness. It is crucial to get as much fresh air as possible. Don’t stare at stable objects (books, tablets, TV etc) for long; instead spend your time on the deck, with light amounts of physical activity. This way, you’ll soon get going and outshine others with your adaptability!

Avoid Stress & other Mental Triggers:

Keeping your cool and maintaining a relaxed mental state is important if you don’t want to mar your fun cruise by being stuck in the bathroom for hours. Anxiety is a big trigger for any kind of motion sickness. Instead of picking on your OCD habits, focus on the activities aboard and engage in casual merry-making to avoid sickness on the sea and make sure you REALLY experience the cruise of your dreams!

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