Best Shore Excursions to take with your Family

Planning a family trip can be quite the heinous job. Finding a holiday destination that suits everyone’s individual likes and interest may not always be very easy. However, if you have crossed that bridge and finalized on the  Bahama’s Islands for your family vacation this year, we’ll make it easier for you by helping with all that you can do while you’re there.

The Bahamas is a beautiful location and a favourite for anyone looking for some luxury and fun while enjoying the yearlong tropical climate of course. Being on top of every travel enthusiasts bucket list has made The Bahama’s the one spot that caters to every person irrespective of their age, tastes or interests.

Here, you’ll find a short list of exciting and memorable excursion ideas to try with your family in the Bahamas.

The Paradise Island, Pirates and Dungeons Tour:

This is the perfect spot for adults to delve into the history of the islands while the kids lose themselves in intriguing stories of the pirates and their conquests. If you have kids quite taken by Johnny Depp’s cool demeanour and the mysteries of the black pearl, they will enjoy every second spent on this beautiful island.

Visit the Stingrays at Blackbeard’s Cay:

If you’re at Nassau, you can take a 25-minute scenic boat ride to Blackbeard’s Cay. Here, you will undergo a basic training in snorkelling and underwater diving, after which you can swim around in the turquoise blue waters and even feed the Stingrays. It’s a thrill and has proved to be quite the favourite amongst young adventurous teens.

Submarine Tours:

A 90-minute ride aboard the AC Sea World Explorer is just what you need if you’re not one to get your fins wet. You enjoy a lovely view of the sea urchins around, or the infinite variety of fish moving around, without even getting a drop of water on you. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Douse in the sun at the Bahama’s Jeep Adventure:

These jeep tours have their own little shortcuts to the famous beaches. You will visit the great pine forest or the less populated yet fun parts of the islands. You would also get to visit the inland blue hole on the islands, it may involve a little bit of trekking but it will be totally worth it. But be warned, children below the age of 12 aren’t allowed.

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