5 Things to remember Packing for the Bahama’s


This is for all the first timers planning a trip to the Bahama islands. If you’re confused about what to carry or how to go about things this will be your guide so that nothing goes wrong during this vacation. The Bahama’s is a tropical paradise with some of the best views you’ll ever come across. There are a lot of new experiences you’d come across and it is necessary you’re prepared. So here is a list of things you should make sure you don’t forget.


Get your passport well in advance with respect to your trip. You do not need it to enter the Bahama’s but you will most definitely need it to get back to the US and a passport takes up to 4-6 weeks to get processed, so don’t wait till the last minute, get it done well in advance.


Get some of your cash exchanged for Bahamian currency before you go to help you get from place to place once you get there. Although US money and traveller’s checks are widely accepted in the Bahama’s, it is always better to do so as it serves as a saviour during emergencies.


It is impossible to go to the Bahamas and not to lay on one of its numerous beaches to soak in some sun, so make sure you’re carrying high SPF sunscreen to save yourself the blisters of a sunburn. After all, all you want is a subtle tan, not burning red skin, so add this to the top of your list.


You’re on vacation, you’re obviously not going to forget your camera, but make sure you pack extra batteries and a charger because trust me you will find a lot of locations for the perfect photo shoot with the perfect outdoor lighting. That is not something you want to miss out on. Apart from this, you will also come across a lot of one-of-a-kind sceneries and moments. A lot of memories to be captured, make sure you’re prepared.

The Right Clothing

Travelling light is key, carry a lot of light clothing. It’s almost never too cold so there is no need to carry warm clothes. Unless you’re travelling between December and April in which case, a light jacket should suffice. Irrespective of when you are there, don’t forget your bathing suits as you’ll be spending most of your time at one beach or the other.

If you have all this, you’re ready for your trip. Don’t worry if you forget some of the things. Everything is available for sale and on rent while you’re there. Now all you have to do is book your trip and get going. So what are you waiting for, Plan your Bahamas vacation today! We will crate a beautiful vacation of a lifetime using Harmony Beaches.

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