10 Secrets To Packing Light When You Travel

Few things can be extremely enthralling about travelling- immersing yourself in an alienated environment which captivates your entire being. But, behind this riveting adventure is the drab chore of packing. And if you’re one of those who believes the inner voice that says, “I need this, too!”, then we have some packing tips for you that will not let you have any trouble zipping up your almost exploding suitcase:

Roll & Band Trick:

Most of us are familiar with the rolling-clothes hack. But then you tend to forget to seal the deal by putting a rubber band across the rolls. This way, your items will remain immaculately arranged no matter how roughly it is handled for the rest of your trip.

Pack ‘must have’, not ‘just in case’: 

This one thing is the most crucial one, yet we fail miserably. Picking clothes which you can mix and match throughout allows you to greatly reduce the number of clothes you’re carrying. Allow your pieces to be cross-compatible. One tip- just be a li’l meticulous while having your meals- you don’t want any sauce to splatter on your dress!

Solids Over Liquids:

Be it your shampoos or perfumes, carrying bottles might not be a bright idea, given the fact that they are bulky and prone to leakage. So why not go for their solid counterparts? They save a lot of hassle and definitely space.

Shoes that don’t Weigh Much:

When the question is on shoes, you might get all confused but there’s the trick. Stick to a lightweight pair of sturdy sandals or if you’re travelling to some cold area, slim sneakers work just fine.

Only a Pair of Jeans:

The temptation of bringing more than one pair of jeans is real and we totally understand that. Denims are way more durable than you think. You’ll really need only a pair unless you’ll be on holiday for over a week.

Ditch any kind of Paperbacks:

In this digital era, do we really need physical copies of travel guides and language booklets? All these information is compressed in your smartphones, relieving you from all the burden of an extra baggage. Maps and guides? They’re all now a click away!

A small carry-on bag always Works:

With a small carry-on bag, you’re quite literally left with no choice but only bring your absolute essentials. There’s no way you can overpack if you don’t have space, to begin with. it’s as simple as that!

If it’s bulky, Wear it:

If you’ve anything bulky in mind, wear it instead of packing it. Let’s say you need a pair of sneakers as well as flats for going out. Wear the sneakers, pack the flats.

Bring a polyester foldable Shopping Bag:

This bag serves multiple purposes and is a must-have if you want to go out on shopping or to the beach and it also serves to be a spare luggage just in case.

Don’t keep things for the last minute:

Packing, say at midnight before the day of your departure is surely not a wise thing to do. It becomes even harder because you’re too tired to exercise your mind that will help you lighten your load. Start packing prior, or at least think of what all to pack, a few days before you leave.

However, we hope these travelling tips to the Bahamas help you become a minimal packer and you can then unleash your traveller’s spirit without having your baggage weigh you down.

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